Sunday, September 12, 2010

it makes her happy, like candy

Meet LeKyah, she is my 2 year old niece. A while back I made her a very simple anklet, with small bells on it. You can see it here. She LOVED it! She wanted it on her ankle the minute she opened the package, and she made her mom go on a walk with her so she could hear it jingle. She even stopped along the way to show people they passed her "pretty bracelet". She also told her mom that her doll needed one. She is such a girly girl.  :)
Well I haven't made one for her doll yet, but I did get these done today. I found these sparkly heart and star shaped buttons, and knew exactly what they would become.
Didn't they turn out cute?!?! (check out those "dots" Jaymee. I'm getting good with the camera) I also used bright pink chain for this one.
And a very cute heart clasp. I can't wait for her reaction.
The leftover buttons will be perfect for the matching doll anklets. Who would have thought I would be making jewelry for dolls? Good thing I love this girl.

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