Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last August Sale! 26th-29th

I listed some of my personalized items. Now is your chance to get them at a discounted price.

August 26th-29th Sale
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

for myself

I had to make a necklace for myself. It turned out great! I'm so happy with it, especially because when I was making it, I had no clue what I wanted.
I made these earrings shortly after I got my stamps, but I thought I would share them anyway. The possibilities are endless!

not sure how to do this

These personalized charm necklaces are a HUGE hit. I would love to list them in my Etsy shop, I'm just not sure how to do that yet.

This heart necklace is incredible. It was a special request, and I absolutely love how it turned out. "S" is for her new last name. How sweet is that? Of course any letter or short word would also be great, and make it special for you. The clear stone was also her choice. It could be pretty much any color, and even any shape of bead.
She also ordered this for her mom. It's a girl and a boy charm with her and her brother's initials on them, and the beads are in the color of their birthstones. Any mom would love this! In fact, I want to make myself one.  :)
So now, here is the hard part. I have to find a way to name these pieces, and describe them in a way that one would understand they do not get the piece that is pictured, but instead a personalized piece, made especially for them, with the charms and beads that make it their own. Trust me, this sounds much easier than it is. Well, at least for me.

If you want one, email me at

Monday, August 23, 2010

getting a make-over

I am an loyal follower of the "Fine Tooth Comb" blog. You can find it here. Julie is a great writer, and gives out the best hints, tips and how-to's of making a successful small business. She offers a news letter, free e-book, and personalized shop critiques. I'm telling you, she is amazing.

Recently she started an e-course, and I am lucky enough to be a student! My mind is crammed full of information after only the first 3 lessons. I have learned so much. Now I am getting busy putting all of this to work. Everything from sizing and editing photos, titling an item, and writing a great description, I have a lot of work to do. I wanted to share one listing that I tried on my own. Tell me what you think.

Wake up your fall wardrobe with this necklace. It features the beauty of natural colors, and a very unique stone, wire-wrapped by hand.
The stones used here are round, polished and vary in color from dark red to dark yellow. They are spaced using silver tone metal round beads, and the back of the necklace uses small round dark and light brown wooden beads. The pendant is a rectangle shaped stone with very distinct dark yellow and white markings. The stone is hand-wrapped with silver-tone metal wire to accent it's shape and coloring. The necklace is finished off with a silver-tone metal toggle clasp.
The necklace measures 18", and the pendant hangs 2" from top to bottom.
WAS $46 NOW $23
If you like fall colors, you might also like this

This is a huge job! I am not even 1/4 of the way done with all the items in my shop. It's definitely a work in progress, and I'm hoping I can get better and have it come much easier as time goes on.

Hope you have a great week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aug 19-22 Sale!

I just added several items to the "SALE" tab in my shop. Almost all items in this tab are $20 or less!

Aug 19-20 Sale:

FREE SHIPPING on all items in the "SALE" tab!
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Have fun shopping!

Friday, August 13, 2010

August 12-15th

I don't know how or why I forgot to post this special yesterday. Eeeek.

This weekends special:

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

so personal

After seeing the M.Q.M necklace, one of my friends, and fellow hockey moms, knew she had to have one. Her son is so special to her and her whole family, and believe me it shows. Her Mother-In-Law had his finger print put onto a sterling silver coin when he was very small and she definitely wanted it incorporated into her necklace. I just have say that having such a one of a kind, irreplaceable piece to work with is quite nerve wracking, especially because she trusted me to put the hole in it. I added a sterling silver bar and stamped it with his initials (D.C.Y.) and hand-wrapped a clear briolette because he is lucky enough to be an April birthday. I couldn't wait to show her, so I e-mailed her a picture, and she was even happier with it than me.

"IT'S FABULOUS!!! I knew you would make a piece that would take my breath away. Thanks so much, Amber!" -K
I can't wait for her to see it in person!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

august brings.......

Well, it brings hot, hot weather, and it brings back school (I know!), it brings holiday decorations to the stores, and everyone is thinking it's the end of summer. Boooo.

In my Etsy Shop, August brings SALES! Every Thursday-Sunday, there will be a new sale. I will post the sale here, on Facebook, and in my shop announcement.

This week's special: EARRINGS! All earrings are $5! See my shop announcement for details.

Enjoy shopping!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

sunday's bead and babble

This was the second month that a few of my girlfriends and I got together at the local bead store for a couple hours for some beading, chatting, eating and just some good ol' fashion time away. They all made a necklace. They picked out their own beads, and designed it themselves. It was a lot of fun to see what they came up with. The bead store can be quite overwhelming, but they did great and I am so proud of them!  

This is the bracelet I made. It's a design I have been wanting to try. It was nice to have the uninterrupted time to get it done.
Erica made this! The colors are beautiful, and it turned out awesome. She even had to learn how to work with wire a little bit.
Laura put this together. WOW! The combination of colors is incredible and the design is creative. It's so perfect on her too.
Jaymee's "cowboy bling" as she calls it, was perfect for her new shirt. She picked out a huge collection of orange and pink (yikes) beads. I was SO impressed with the outcome.
I really want to do this once a month. It's a great opportunity to share something that I love, to spend time with my friends, and we all get to take something home too.