Friday, December 17, 2010

The Guge Family: window jewelry

I blogged this on our family website, but wanted to share it here too! A great, quick and easy craft.

The Guge Family: window jewelry: "I was invited to the neighbor's house this morning for peach pie, coffee and a craft project. My 3 most favorite things on earth. She knows ..."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Monday, November 29, 2010

make it personal

It's coming. Like it or not, Christmas is coming.  :) I personally cannot wait!

Here are some of the personalized items I have made (sold) recently. Shoot me an email, message me on facebook or convo me on Etsy. I would love to help you with your shopping list. What's better than a personalized gift?

Puppy Paw Print Necklace with initials and birthstones
Copper Circle Earrings with initials (1-4 letters) 
Backpack/Keychain with name 
Boy/Girl Charm with initials and birthstone (perfect for moms and grandmas) 
Keychain with initials 
Keychain with initials 
Bracelet with boy/girl charms, initials and birthstones (perfect for grandmas) 
Heart Charm Necklace with initial and colored stone of your choice 
Copper and Silver Names/Initial necklace 
Add your own charm! If you have something you want worked in, let me know.  
Weapon of Choice Keychain. This can be personalized to almost any hobby.
 ie: knitting, reading, shopping, etc.  
Do you have a different saying you want to use? Great!
The possibilities are ENDLESS! Need help deciding, just ask.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

one whole year

When my husband decided that starting an Etsy shop and selling my jewelry was a good idea, I thought he was crazy, but I was kind of excited. And when I made my first sale, I couldn't believe it. I was a little disappointed that my first buyer was my aunt (she's the best), but my second order was for custom earrings for a customer I didn't know. That was an incredible feeling. Scary, but so awesome.

 That order made me so nervous, but she loved them, and I started to be more confident in myself.
I am currently at 47 sales, but those sales are for 50 items! This doesn't include my great friends that purchase from me in person. I cannot believe what my little hobby has turned into.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me especially my husband!

Monday, November 15, 2010

it's give away time!

Ah-hem. Maybe I should dust this thing off a little. Looks like it's been a while since I've been here. Oooops.

November is shaping up to be a really great month. I have made several custom orders, and had a few sales from my shop. The best part? A lot of these sales are the result of other sales. I love referrals! Thanks to everyone for that.
This month my jewelry has also been featured by other Etsy sellers in their hand-picked treasuries. It's such a good feeling when someone picks my jewelry to be in their treasury. Here are the links:

And then, some exciting news. My Facebook page hit 200 "likes"! Woo Hoo! As promised, I am having a give away to celebrate. Here are the details:
Anyone who leaves a comment on  My Facebook page from November 15, to November 19 will be entered into a drawing. The name picked will receive a $20 gift certificate for my shop! That's it. Easy right?

More exciting stuff to come very soon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

keepin busy

My "to-do" list never seems to get smaller, and I always have something to add to it. This weekend and the past few days I have spent a lot of time getting caught up on special orders. I'm pretty proud of my latest work and wanted to share it.

This bracelet was made to go with a special order necklace I made a few weeks ago. After she received her necklace she said "I just got my beautiful necklace from Amber and it's amazing!!! It's even more beautiful than the picture. Very delicate and detailed. It's very apparent that a lot of time, energy and love went into this necklace. When you care about what you do it shows and this necklace is a great example. I have to go and show it off now!" She then asked for a coordinating bracelet. I hope she loves it as much.
I also had a request for some purse charms/keychains. This is not something on my regular list of things I make, but I had so much fun designing these. I really want to make more and put them in my shop.
These personalized "Mother's Necklaces" were ordered a while ago, but I had to wait for the charms to get here. As soon as they did, I got to work. I'm very pleased with them, and I know they are going to make some proud mommies very happy.
These have been a big hit. My mom had to have a necklace to go with her earrings, and another lady wanted 2 for her granddaughters. She is mailing them tomorrow. The smile on her face made my whole day.
After receiving her keychain/purse charms, Shannon had another brilliant idea. She wanted name tags for her children's backpacks. She sent me a picture of their bags so I could match them. I have to say, I was like a kindergardener on the first day of school. It was so much fun to make these. I blurred out their last names; they look more even with them. Amanda couldn't wait to get hers so they came over before school to pick them up.
After making my son a hemp necklace, all of his friends wanted one. I made one for his friend's birthday, and it was a HUGE hit, even bigger than the automatic nerf gun! I also made one for my nephew and he can't wait till it comes in the mail. It's great how something so simple can make a child so happy.
I told you I've been busy. The last one is a picture of a necklace I made for my very good friend's mother-in-law. It is a personalized necklace with 3 strands. Each strand represents one of her children, and the kids on the chains are her grandkids. Luckily, the oldest daughter has only 1 child, the middle son has 2 and the youngest son has 3. It worked out perfectly, and I know she is going to love this necklace.
Now I have to get started on some Fall and Christmas jewelry.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

spiders are in

It's that time of year. All the spooky, creepy and eerie things are coming out. My mom's absolute favorite holiday is Halloween, and as soon a I made the Spider Necklace she told me she wanted earrings. Her favorite color is purple, so here are her purple and black spider earrings. They weren't quite long enough, and we decided they needed a web to hang from. The spiders and the web are made from hand-wrapped wire. She loves them and can't wait to show them off at her annual Halloween Party.  :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

it makes her happy, like candy

Meet LeKyah, she is my 2 year old niece. A while back I made her a very simple anklet, with small bells on it. You can see it here. She LOVED it! She wanted it on her ankle the minute she opened the package, and she made her mom go on a walk with her so she could hear it jingle. She even stopped along the way to show people they passed her "pretty bracelet". She also told her mom that her doll needed one. She is such a girly girl.  :)
Well I haven't made one for her doll yet, but I did get these done today. I found these sparkly heart and star shaped buttons, and knew exactly what they would become.
Didn't they turn out cute?!?! (check out those "dots" Jaymee. I'm getting good with the camera) I also used bright pink chain for this one.
And a very cute heart clasp. I can't wait for her reaction.
The leftover buttons will be perfect for the matching doll anklets. Who would have thought I would be making jewelry for dolls? Good thing I love this girl.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Sale

Yay September! Happy Birthday to ME (on the 22nd). I want to celebrate with you.

BOGO of equal or lesser value 1/2 off everything for the whole month of September!

What are you waiting for? Go now!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last August Sale! 26th-29th

I listed some of my personalized items. Now is your chance to get them at a discounted price.

August 26th-29th Sale
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