Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting there.

I am still trying to get my loose ends tied up with the business part of this, so I can focus on my craft. I had to have a banner for my Etsy Shop, plus I wanted some pictures of me working. My friend, Jaymee, is an amazing photographer, and I knew I wanted her to do my photos. Lucky for me, we can hang out, wear our comfy clothes, and let our kids play together while we do what we need to do.  

There is more to come, but here is a peek at the outcome.
The boys (Ethan, 6 and Elliott, 18 mos) are always helping.
And the banner is amazing! Go to the shop and see it.
And definitely check out Jaymee's website.
Please don't forget to follow me, contests are coming soon!

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