Friday, June 4, 2010

something new

My blog is pretty new (thanks to my followers) so I haven't ventured much beyond blogging about me. Sorry. :) Well, today I am going to attempt to showcase something new. Wish me luck.

First, I am a blog stalker. I'm sure it's in a good way, not a creepy way, but I love my reader, and I love when someone that I follow (stalk) posts something new. My friend loves this scrapbook store in town, and followed their blog and got me hooked. Recently they posted this and I was filled with delight. I knew I had to have some..... well probably ALL of it. Unfortunately I haven't made it into the store yet. It's not a place I can/would take my toddler. He is less than gentle with things.

Today I got a call. "So I am coming over, bringing a card (for my son) and I picked up some of those necklace pieces for you to make me something." she said. My friend couldn't resist anymore, she broke down and got herself a little gift. Of course I have the tools and the things to make this self-gift, and while she is super crafty, she denies any ability to make a piece of jewelry.

Making Memories has a collection called Vintage Groove by Jill Schwartz. It is seriously the most simple design ever. A chain, some fun charms and voila!!!! Try to tell me this is not the coolest necklace.
I added the beads, but the chain and the awesome fabric flowers are part of the collection.
I made it asymmetrical just because I can. It's my design and that's what I like. I could have done about a million things with this chain and these flowers. Now I know for sure I will be visiting Raffia.

I hope I did this product justice in this post. You should all check it out.


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it and cannot wait to wear it! thank you again SO much! : )

  2. This is gorgeous, Amber! I LOVE the colors and the asymmetrical design!