Monday, November 29, 2010

make it personal

It's coming. Like it or not, Christmas is coming.  :) I personally cannot wait!

Here are some of the personalized items I have made (sold) recently. Shoot me an email, message me on facebook or convo me on Etsy. I would love to help you with your shopping list. What's better than a personalized gift?

Puppy Paw Print Necklace with initials and birthstones
Copper Circle Earrings with initials (1-4 letters) 
Backpack/Keychain with name 
Boy/Girl Charm with initials and birthstone (perfect for moms and grandmas) 
Keychain with initials 
Keychain with initials 
Bracelet with boy/girl charms, initials and birthstones (perfect for grandmas) 
Heart Charm Necklace with initial and colored stone of your choice 
Copper and Silver Names/Initial necklace 
Add your own charm! If you have something you want worked in, let me know.  
Weapon of Choice Keychain. This can be personalized to almost any hobby.
 ie: knitting, reading, shopping, etc.  
Do you have a different saying you want to use? Great!
The possibilities are ENDLESS! Need help deciding, just ask.


  1. So many pretty pieces, I love those puppy paws :)

  2. ooooooh I want one! Oh wait, I am getting one! Too bad I have to wait for another 16 days! Would you send me a picture?!? :D