Tuesday, August 10, 2010

so personal

After seeing the M.Q.M necklace, one of my friends, and fellow hockey moms, knew she had to have one. Her son is so special to her and her whole family, and believe me it shows. Her Mother-In-Law had his finger print put onto a sterling silver coin when he was very small and she definitely wanted it incorporated into her necklace. I just have say that having such a one of a kind, irreplaceable piece to work with is quite nerve wracking, especially because she trusted me to put the hole in it. I added a sterling silver bar and stamped it with his initials (D.C.Y.) and hand-wrapped a clear briolette because he is lucky enough to be an April birthday. I couldn't wait to show her, so I e-mailed her a picture, and she was even happier with it than me.

"IT'S FABULOUS!!! I knew you would make a piece that would take my breath away. Thanks so much, Amber!" -K
I can't wait for her to see it in person!

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