Wednesday, July 21, 2010

not jewelry, but still crafty

I recently decided I wanted to make a decorative cork board. So I Googled some ideas, and decided on a burlap covered one. So simple, unless you decide to make it more complicated. :)

You need: a plain cork board, and some burlap (any color you want),
a hot glue gun (crazy, I thought I owned one, but no), and glue sticks,
some of these really cool glass bubbles (they are flat on one side),
some flat on the top thumb tacks, and some ribbon or whatever embellishments you want to use.
Step 1: Cover the cork board with the burlap and hot glue it down on the back. Note: make sure it is pulled tight around the front (I wish I would have had some spray adhesive for the front to keep it tight).
Step 2: Add your ribbon and other decorations to suit yourself.
Step 3: To make tacks, use paper or fabric of your choice, trace around the bubble wherever you want and cut out the circle. Note: you will want to trace each one separate as they are all different sizes and shapes.
Step 4: Put a large dot of hot glue on the bubble and press down onto paper or fabric circle. Let dry.
Step 5: Put dot of glue onto top of thumb tack and press to the back of the bubble on your fabric or paper. Let dry.
That's it! I told you, easy huh? Enjoy!
Other embellishment ideas: paint design on burlap, use buttons, use fabric, use charms, put it in a frame, etc. The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it!

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